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Cantu's Air Membership

Routine system maintenance is highly recommended to extend your systems lifespan. By scheduling two annual visits you  can help prevent costly breakdowns. In fact over 75% of breakdowns could have been avoided. Routine maintenance prevents minor issues from becoming major issues by addressing them accordingly.

Benefits of being our member:
. 2 scheduled HVAC inspections (200 value)
. 15% discount on repairs
. Priority emergency services and no after-hours charges.
. Exclusive member-only promotions
.$500 off newly installed HVAC system 
.$49 service fee VS $89 for non-members

Please note: Filters are sold separately or provided by the client. 
We treat our members like family and we look forward to you becoming a part of our family.
Membership cost
$200 Annually single system
$100 Each additional system

Spring visit checklist:

  • Wash the outside coils
  • Clean the inside coil in place
  • Clean the indoor drain pan
  • Clear the condensate drains
  • Test the system operation
  • Inspect the compressor
  • Check the refrigerant pressures
  • Test all safety switches
  • Check the amp draw on units

Fall visit checklist:

  • Clean the burners
  • Clean the flame sensor
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Clean the furnace cabinet
  • Check all safety features
  • Inspect the flue for proper attachment at the furnace
  • Check for visual signs of corrosion
Terms & Conditions
This membership is non-refundable if the first visit has been performed or if the the discounts on repairs have exceeded the membership price.
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